Ambrì Sotto to Ronco (Valle Bedretto)

Last week-end I was in the mountain house in Ambrì, unfortunately on Saturday the weather was bad and I therefore relaxed and rest in the house. However, for Sunday the weather forecast was looking way better, so with my family we decided to go for lunch to a great restaurant in Ronco, close to Bedretto.

The restaurant is called Chalet Stella Alpina, it is a very nice old house, lovely refurbished into a great little hotel with Spa and terraces overlooking the Bedretto Valley. The Hotel is athletes friendly, in the summer loads of cyclists and hikers and winter ski-mountaineers, as well as offering a great choice (80% of the menu) of very tasty and amazing vegan dishes. To try the vegan risotto or the home made pasta!

Chalet Stella Alpina

Chalet Stella Alpina

I then decided to join my family at the restaurant by running from Ambrì.

Route description:

  • Ambrì (975 m)
  • Gioett (1440 m)
  • Pian Taiöi (1668 m)
  • Alpe Ravina (1775 m)
  • Pesciüm (1745 m)
  • Strada degli Alpi to Cna della Croce (1637 m)
  • Cantina di Folcra (1747 m) down to Schiavù (1459 m)
  • Ronco (1487 m)

Length: 26km

Elevation gain: +1500 – 1000 ca.

Duration (running): 3h 24min

Great route that can also be shortened if from Airolo you take the cable car up to Pesciüm. Very nice scenarios and different farms, loads of hikers, route well marked.


  • Light and fast
  • Trail running outfit

Here is the route on map: Ambri_Ronco_Map

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