Iron Trail T41

On Friday the 14th of August, after work, I travelled by train to Davos for the Iron Trail T41.

Me and my girlfriend rented an apartment for the night. After settling down in the apartment we went right away for dinner, pasta, pizza and bruschetta were our dishes for the evening.

The Circular Alpine Marathon Route passes through the most beautiful Alps of Graubünden. From the start in Davos, it leads over the Schatz Alp to the picturesque Stafel Alp, and with splendid views of this area, up to the Furgga meadows. From there, the trail continues over the Strela Pass and back down to Davos.

Lenght: 42.3 km

Elevation: +/– 2290m

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 19.25.10 Profile T41

Saturday 15th of August the alarm goes off at 6.00 am big breakfast with whole-wheat bread and jam, loads of water and then quickly get on the bus. Due to some misunderstandings we get off the wrong bus stop, which is 2 km away from the starting line! We decide to run in order to be able to get the number and be ready to start on time. Luckily we manage to make it on time and I even get some time to catch up with Michele Bernasconi, co-founder of the Raw-Vegan Running Team, who just finished the 91km in 5th position!

8.00 am it’s time to start, I decide to start slowly and keep a steady rhythm, a few runners take me over, but no worries, the further I run the better I feel, so I start pushing on the first uphill section, take over a few runners and then in the downhill to Arosa I take over another 20 runners. I get to Arosa very fresh and happy to see loads of people supporting me, I stop at the aid station and eat some bananas and salty nuts and then back on the trail. In the second uphill section I meet a very nice Italian guy with who I do a few kilometres and discuss a bit the difference of costs for races between Italy, where it costs approximately 1 euro per kilometres, and Switzerland where it costs way more! In the second downhill section I leave him behind as well as taking over another 10 people. I get to the final aid station I can feel a bit the legs but I know that only 10 km separates me to the finish line! So I start pushing on the uphill section, where it starts raining and gets really foggy I can’t see more than 10 meters in front of me! I manage to catch up a few more runners, by the time I get to Strelapass my legs are pretty tired, but I know that from now on it’s only downhill, so I decide to go all out! By the time I reach the finish line in Davos I took over another 20 runners!

After crossing the finish line I get a big hug from my girlfriend and a few nice fruits and water! I finished the race 35th out of 180 runners in 06.32 h, my best placement and time so far!

Very happy with my placement I get a massage and a nice plate of pasta with vegetables and loads of fruits, quick shower and back on the train home.

Mirko Michele

T41_10kmbefore finish

Finish_t41Finish Train stretching

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