Claro-Pizzo, first vertical

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late post, but I have been pretty busy in the past weeks with work and training.

On the 4th of October I decided to take part to the first vertical race in my running “career”, I decided to pick one of the most iconic vertical races of Ticino, the Claro-Pizzo. Developing over 10km with an elevation gain of 2500m.

pizzo di claro
Pizzo di Claro

Unfortunately, due to very poor weather and snow at the top of the mountain, the race has been shortened to around 5km and 1500m of elevation.

3D here is a 3D overview of the race.

In the morning at around 07.20 I got to the start line where I quickly picked up my number and met up with Luca and Robi for a quick warm up. It was pouring water like never before and in 5 min of warm up we were already wet.

The race started at 8.00, like any races at the beginning everyone is pushing and it gets hard to run, but fortunately the uphill started quite soon and then everyone starts running at their own pace.

The trail turned out the be a river instead of a path, very slippery and very muddy, unfortunately for weather we could not enjoy the nice views, but that is how it goes.

The race went incredibly fast for me! Even tough I did not know the route I managed to keep a good rhythm. I finished the race in 1.26 h and classified 69th overall out of around 220 athletes.

04.05.2015, Claro, Gara "Claro-Pizzo", copyright
Me a few meters before the finish. copyright

Note for my next vertical race is, to check out the route beforehand that I then know where I can push harder and where not and how far the finish line is.

Overall impression of the race:

  • amazing organization and the trail was well marked
  • loads of people on the route cheering up
  • good aid stations
  • amazing spots on the route, especially in the forest
  • very friendly atmosphere!
Luca at the finish line
Arrival area
Arrival area
Arrival area
Arrival area

Another point worth mentioning is the downhill part where half way down, on the probably only flat part of the route, the organizer set up a bar with music where soft drinks, beers and white wine were free! Very cool and social moment.

Me and Luca on the way down

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