Pizzo di Vogorno

On the 27th I received a call From Luca who wanted to do a little run to burn off some Christmas calories, we decided to run up Pizzo di Vogorno. We also decided to involve Roberto who has done the route around 30 times.

Pizzo di Vogorno is a beautiful Pyramid shaped mountain located in the Italian part of Switzerland: Ticino. It is often called the ‘Home mountain’ of Locarno. Vogorno towers high above this famous city since the altitude difference between summit and city is over 2200 meters
From Locarno the views towards Vogorno are impressive, the pyramid shaped summit can’t be missed. Vogorno is the southernmost peak of the Leventina West- Ridge and is located between the Leventina valley (east) and the Verzasca valley (west). Vogorno is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the Verzasca region. The peak is named after the ‘Vogorno’ village located west of the ‘Pizzo’ in the Verzasca valley. Verzasca’s big barrier lake also carries the same name: Lago di Vogorno.

We left the village of Vogorno in the early and cold morning of the 28th of December, and ran up to the village of Bardughe on comfortable and well maintained trails with amazing scenaries on lago Maggiore and Locarno and an amazing sunrise creeping out from behind pizzo di Vogorno.

Arrived at the little and amazing village of Bardughe we met Paolo Giovannini, who was also about to leave to get up to pizzo di Vogorno. Left the village we followed the well marked blue and white trail up to the west ridge, at the famous Lizzy Point, we took the direct route which is a bit more difficult and requires a bit of climbing but takes you to the top faster (see picture below). In 2.10 h we reached the top of Pizzo Vogorno.

image006 copy
Red route: classic trail – Yellow route: direct route

At the top we took some pictures and then back down super fast to the village of Bardughe, where we stopped for a quick beer offered by Paolo and then down to Vogorno. Great morning in the mountains and nice uphill training with almost +-2000m.

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