COMPRESSPORT Trail Running Postural SS TOP Review


The small Swiss-based company Compressport, quite often at the forefront of innovation in terms of compression material, continuously innovates its products, quite often reaching really impressive technological levels.

Known more as a reference brand in running, triathlon and increasingly in Trail Running, currently supporting races such as UTMB, Matterhorn Ultraks, Lavaredo Ultra Trail. Compressport recently launched a whole new, very exciting, trail running collection.

Within its specific range for Trail Running, I present the Trailrunning Postural SS Top. Very advanced and light material is used, special ventilation, and compression in the right areas.

First Impression:

The package and products description cannot go unseen! Really fancy and professional packaging, rarely seen within the sports industry.


The color of the shirt is great, and the design too. The model I have is black with the Compressport logo on the chest in Red and a nice writing on the right sleeve, giving it a very PRO look, that always helps, doesn’t it?

Trail Running Postural SS Top Black Front Right 3-4

As soon as you can touch it and observe it carefully, the first thing you notice is its pleasant touch and differentiated to other shirts from the market, use of differentiated fabrics by zones, thick and perforated wefts together with other lightweight ones with absence of seams, multiple pockets, silicones in exterior and interior, high profile neck and zipper.


  • A new lighter fiber, more hydrophobic makes it the most breathable top.
  • It does not stick to the skin and conserves a silky feel.
  • It is very well ventilated for total freedom of movement.
  • An interactive fiber On/Off adjusts ventilation with your effort.


  • A lightly compressed postural weave provides excellent spinal alignment.
  • Better muscle alignment improves oxygenation.
  • Thermoregulatory fibers protect against the cold and the heat.


  • The back pocket provides other storage spaces.
  • Full autonomy is guaranteed on long-distance races with all your essentials at reach.
  • An innovative zip, highly resistant, fluid and self-locking open and closes easily.

What I like:

The breathability of the shirt is something impressive that I have never experienced with any other products, when hot it feels like you are running topless, but when at the top of the peak it keeps you warm and does not make you feel wet.

Back pockets: I really like the positioning of 4 small back pockets, similar to a bike jersey. They are perfect to store the compulsory material for a Skyrace without the need to carry a backpack and more weight. The shirt will not jump up and down while running even with full pockets.

Silicon inserts: they are cleverly placed at the bottom of the shirt so that the shirt will not slide up while running and on the biceps for the same reason.

Compression: the shirt has the perfect compression, not too tight nor too lose, it compresses in the right spots and it feels very comfortable.


Great shirt for Skyraces up to ultramarathon, super light materials and impressively light and breathable, you will also be impressed by the technology, quality of materials and attention to details.

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