I am a Swiss vegan who loves mountains! Living in Zurich I have a wealth of beautiful mountains around me and endless possibilities to pursue all of the sports I love, surrounded by nature. I actively practice mountaineering, trail-running, rock climbing, ski-mountaineering and compete in ultra-marathons. I am a member of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), the Raw Vegan Running Team and am a ski-mountaineering and mountaineering instructor.

I really enjoy competing as it is a great way way to meet friends, stay fit, challenge yourself and self-improve. But, above all, I use sports as a way to discover and explore incredible landscapes. I love the silence and solitude that you can find in the mountains, but I also love running and mountaineering with friends who share the same passion.

I became vegan in January 2014,  I decided to try a vegan diet as a way to improve my health.  I cut out all animal products from my diet and now eat a very balanced, wholesome diet of plant based foods and try to eat as little refined sugar and meat replacement foods as possible. I do eat tofu and seitan occasionally, but I try to limit this and stick to whole foods as much as possible.   As soon as I began eating a vegan diet my health and wellbeing improved. I now have much more energy and am very rarely ill.  The belief that to do sports and build muscle requires meat and animal protein is simply completely inaccurate and I am proof that you can live a very healthy lifestyle and be fit and strong on a vegan diet.  Now my vegan diet is a way of life. It not only improves my health but it is, I believe, a much kinder, more ethical and sustainable way of life for everyone and the environment we share.

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

(Greg Child)


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